Kinetic FRG Young Researchers Workshop
March 2-5, 2009

CSIC Building (#406), Seminar Room 4122.

A Vlasov-Type Kinetic Model for Swarms

Dr. Vladislav Panferov

California State University, Northridge

Abstract: I will introduce a kinetic model for a dynamical system involving pairwise interactions and self-propulsion, that can be used to describe certain types of self-organization in biological systems (flocks of birds, schools of fish, swarms of insects...). The kinetic theory approach leads to the identification of macroscopic structures otherwise not recognized as solutions of the hydrodynamic equations, such as double rotating mills. Other macroscopic patterns, for instance  spatially localized flocks and single mills can also be obtained as particular steady solutions at the kinetic level.

The results have been done in collaboration with J. A. Carrillo and M. R. D'Orsogna.