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Kinetic Description of Multiscale Phenomena

The 2010 Annual Kinetic FRG Meeting

May 10-14, 2010

Note: This meeting is located at Brown University

Division of Applied Mathematics
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
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Yan Guo Brown University
Eitan Tadmor University of Maryland



Kinetic descriptions play a critical role in the physical, social, and biological sciences, and have expanded into diverse applications of cutting-edge technology ranging from microfluidics, semiconductors, polymers and plasma to traffic networking and swarming. Modern kinetic theory captures fundamental issues in the modeling and simulation of phenomena across length and time scales, from the atomistic to the continuum. In the context of kinetic theory mathematical approaches help the design of numerical methods and, conversely, numerical simulations help improve the quantitative understanding of underlying complex problems.


  • To present the ongoing research of leading experts on the modeling, mathematical analysis and computational aspects of kinetic theories
  • To identify promising new avenues of research
  • To formulate a number of problems that are at once tractable and have potential to provide further insight into the nature of kinetic description of phenomena across different scales

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Partial funding is provided by the NSF Focus Research Group (FRG) on Kinetic Description of Multiscale Phenomena: Modeling, Theory and Computation at the University of Maryland.

NSF The FRG is supported by the National Science Foundation.


The program schedule will be posted prior to the meeting.

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A limited amount of funding for participants at all levels is available, especially for researchers in the early stages of their career who want to attend the full program.


Name Affiliation
Thomas Chen University of Texas at Austin
Bin Cheng Arizona State University
Ying Da Cheng University of Texas at Austin
Raffaele Esposito University of L'Aquila
Francis Filbet University of Lyon
Irene Gamba University of Texas at Austin
Yan Guo Brown University
Hyung-Ju Hwang POSTECH
Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin University of Maryland
Juhi Jang New York University
Ning Jiang Courant Institute
Shi Jin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dave Levermore University of Maryland
Hailiang Liu Iowa State University
Rossana Marra University of Rome
Nader Masmoudi New York University-Courant Institute
Philip Morrison University of Texas at Austin
Lorenzo Pareschi University of Ferrara
Mario Pulvirenti Sapienza University of Rome
Fraydoun Rezakhanlou University of California, Berkeley
Christian Ringhofer Arizona State University
Juan Soler University of Granada
Ravi Srinivasan University of Texas at Austin
Robert Strain III Princeton University
Eitan Tadmor University of Maryland
Giuseppe Toscani University of Pavia
Xu Yang Princeton University

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