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December 2007

CSCAMM welcomes Ryusuke Numata as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate with the Center for Multiscale Plasma Dynamics
The paper A multi-block infrastructure for three-dimensional time-dependent numerical relativity, by Erik Schnetter, Peter Diener, Ernst Nils Dorband and Manuel Tiglio; Class. Quantum Grav. 23 No 16 S553-S578 (2006) has been selected by the Editorial Board of Classical and Quantum Gravity as one of the highlights of years 2006-2007.

September 2007

Radu Balan gave a lecture entitled Estimator for Number of Sources using Minimum Description Length Criterion for Blind Sparse Source Mixture at ICA 2007, September 11

May 2007

The Washington-Baltimore SIAM Spring Meeting 2007 featured a lecture by Professor Eitan Tadmor: Separation of Scales: Spectral Edge Detection and Hierarchical Decompositions in Images. The meeting was held Wednesday, May 2

January 2007

Congratulations to Bin Cheng who won the Spotlight on Graduate Research Competition of 2006-07 Monroe Martin Prize for his talk On the Long Time Regularity of the Shallow Water Equations.

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