Workshops > Modeling and Computations of Shallow-Water Coastal Flows

Modeling and Computations of Shallow-Water Coastal Flows

A Strategy for the Development of Couple Atmosphere-Ocean Discontinuous Galerkin Models

Frank Giraldo

Naval Postgraduate School


Through grants from the Office of Naval Research, we have been developing unified global and mesoscale atmospheric models targeted towards massively parallel computing. Similarly, we have recently begun work on a coastal ocean model which, while currently two-dimensional, will be extended to three-dimensions in the future. Before extending the model to three-dimensions, the model (numerics, data structured, etc.) must be designed from the beginning with coupling to an atmospheric model in mind. In this talk, I will discuss the advantages of such an approach and hope to motivate a discussion regarding the sorts of issues that one must be attuned to if storm-surge modeling coupled with hurricane tracking is to be vastly improved in the near future.

Joint work with Jim Kelly and Shiva Gopalakrishnan,Department of Applied Mathematics,Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California