Workshops > Modeling and Computations of Shallow-Water Coastal Flows

Modeling and Computations of Shallow-Water Coastal Flows

Adaptive Triangular Meshes for Inundation Modeling

Jörn Behrens

University of Hamburg


Triangular grids have proven to be of great advantage, when accurate representation of complex geometries - in our case coastal bathymetry and topography features - is necessary to achieve accurate results. Adaptive mesh refinement plays an important role to reduce computational complexity in applications, where large spans of relevant scales interact. However, the combination of adaptivity and triangular mesh generation poses great challenges in efficiency and robustness to the employed computational and numerical techniques.

In this presentation we will introduce efficient adaptive mesh refinement techniques for triangular hierarchical mesh generation. Additionally, we will apply continuous and discontinuous Galerkin type numerical methods to discretize the governing equations. Examples from (tsunami) inundation simulations and test cases are demonstrated to validate the modeling results. Finally, a perspective for future activities will be drawn.