\ Jacob Bedrossian

Jacob Bedrossian

Department of Mathematics
Center for Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling
Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Scientific Computation (AMSC) program
Burgers Program for Fluid Dynamics
University of Maryland, College Park

My research is focused on the mathematical analysis of both deterministic and stochastic PDEs arising in fluid mechanics and plasma physics. I am currently specifically interested in understanding mixing, turbulence, and the stability of coherent structures in 2D and 3D fluid mechanics at high Reynolds number and Landau damping-related kinetic effects arising in plasmas.

I am currently an associate editor for the Archive of Rational Mechanics and Analysis.

Currently funded by an NSF Career grant and soon a 2020 Simons Fellowship.


  • I have joined the editorial board for the Archive of Rational Mechanics and Analysis!
  • I will be spending the 2020-2021 academic year at the Courant Institute (New York University) as a 2020 Simons Fellow in Mathematics . I would like to thank the Simons Foundation for their generous support.
  • I have the great honor of receiving the inaugural Peter Lax Award in 2020 given by the XVIII International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems! , named in honor of the truly superb and influential scientist Peter Lax.
  • I have the great honor of being awarded the 2019 IMA prize . The prize announcement specifically mentions a line of research involving works undertaken with Michele Coti Zelati, Pierre Germain, Nader Masmoudi, Vlad Vicol, and Fei Wang. The biggest works (in terms of scientific progress and complexity) are the papers by Pierre Germain, Nader Masmoudi, and myself on 3D Couette flow (the most important being Part II ) and the paper on inviscid damping by Nader Masmoudi and msyelf. Check out the research tab above to find out more.
  • The recent works of Alex Blumenthal, Sam Punshon-Smith and myself has been discussed in the scientific outreach magazines Quanta and Cosmos. The attention started from the PR experiment of issuing a UMD press release. It is a real challenge to explain the work to non-scientists while not deviating too far from the scientific content, and it is also an interesting experiment in scientific outreach to see the work in this kind of public light. I hope such articles on our work, and similar articles about the works of others, can help put modern mathematics in a positive light to the wider scientific community and the public at large!
  • Nader Masmoudi and I received the 2019 SIAG/APDE best paper prize for our paper on inviscid damping in the 2D Euler equations. We are truly honored to receive this award!