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December 2008

Professors Manuel Tiglio and Bill Dorland (Physics/IREAP) received a 'professor partnership' award from NVIDIA to support their research on heterogeneous computing. Their research groups are using NVIDIA's CUDA and Teslas supercomputers to numerically simulate black holes.

September 2008

Professor Manuel Tiglio (Physics/CSCAMM) was awarded an NSF grant on "Nonlinear Numerical Simulations of Einstein's Equations"

August 2008

Professors Eitan Tadmor (Math/CSCAMM/IPST) and Thanos Tzavaras (Math) were awarded a National Science Foundation Focus Research Group (FRG) grant: Kinetic Description of Multiscale Phenomena: Modeling, Theory and Computation.

This is a collaborative award which involves researchers from the universities of Maryland (as the lead institution), Brown, Iowa State, Wisconsin-Madison, Arizona State, Texas-Austin and Toulouse, France. The FRG will be housed at CSCAMM. Among its goals, this FRG is expected to provide a platform for interdisciplinary interactions with researchers from related disciplines working on kinetic descriptions of complex phenomena, including those from the DOE Center for Multiscale Plasma Dynamics (CMPD) which is also housed in CSCAMM.

More can be found at /frg

Professor Doron Levy (CSCAMM/Math) and Professor Wolfgang Losert (Physics/IREAP/IPST) have organized a Research Interaction Team (RIT) on Cancer Dynamics.  [colloquium schedule]
Paul Cassak’s thesis entitled Catastrophe Model for the Onset of Fast Magnetic Reconnection, advised by Professors James F. Drake and Michael Shay, was awarded the 2008 F. L. Scarf dissertation award by the Space Physics and Aeronomy Section of the American Geophysical Union. Paul Cassak graduated in 2006 while being supported by the Center for Multiscale Plasma Dynamics (CMPD).

July 2008

Professor Bill Dorland (Physics/CSCAMM) will be Director of the University of Maryland Honors Program beginning January 1, 2009. [announcement from Associate Provost Hamilton]

June 2008

Professor Doron Levy (Math/CSCAMM) was recently recognized (also here) for his contributions towards developing a cure for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. His joint work with professors of medicine was recently publicized in the NSF discoveries webpage here; you can also watch Levy's interview here
Radu Balan (Math/CSCAMM) was a awarded an NSF grant on “Nonlinear Signal Processing and Wireless Communications using Frames and Operator Theory”

May 2008

Bill Dorland's (Physics/CSCAMM/IREAP) proposal “Fluctuations Spectra and Anomalous Heating in Magnetized Plasma Turbulence” won a 2008 DOE INCITE award for 4M hours of computer time for turbulence calculations.

January 2008

New International Master Program: MathMods - Mathematical Modeling in Engineering: Theory, Numerics, Applications , funded by the European Union. Starting in 2008/2009 non-European students may receive grants from the EU to attend the course.
The paper A multi-block infrastructure for three-dimensional time-dependent numerical relativity , by Erik Schnetter, Peter Diener, Ernst Nils Dorband and Manuel Tiglio; Class. Quantum Grav. 23 No 16 S553-S578 (2006) has been selected by the Editorial Board of Classical and Quantum Gravity as one of the highlights of years 2006-2007.

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