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Doron Levy (CSCAMM/Math) was appointed to the Editorial Board of the "Bulletin of Mathematical Biology" a leading journal devoted to research on computational, theoretical and experimental biology and the official journal of the Society for Mathematical Biology.
CSCAMM welcomes Dr. Courtney Davis as a new Post-Doctoral Research Associate. She comes to us from the University of Utah.
Congratulations to Chad Galley who accepted a post-doc offer from the California Institute of Technology, beginning in August 2010.
Congratulations to John Silberholz who accepted admission to grad school at MIT, for fall 2011, and is starting a new smart grid company called Enertaq.
Congratulations to Cristian Tomasetti who accepted a two and a half years post-doc offer from both the Department of Biostatistics of Harvard University and the Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at the Harvard's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, beginning in January 2011.
Professor Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin from Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis has accepted the offer to join CSCAMM (a joint appointment with the department of Mathematics). Professor Jabin visited CSCAMM in fall 2009, in connection with the kinetic Focus Research Group.
Congratulations to Amanada Galante (president) and Shelby Wilson for being selected to AMSC student council.
Congratulations to Amanda Galante and to Shelby Wilson for passing their Ph.D. candidacy exams. The title of Amanda's talk is: Mathematical models of interaction between cancer and the immune system. Shelby spoke about Mathematical models of immune regulation and immunodominance. Congratulations Amanda and Shelby!
There was a live webcast of the 2010 Tutorial School on Fluid Dynamics: Topics in Turbulence. This webcast was open to all. The webcast began with the "Welcoming Remarks" at 8:45 am EDT on Monday May 24th, and continue through Thursday May 28th. A schedule of events is posted.
Congratulations to John Silberholz (CSCAMM Undergraduate) who has accepted admission to grad school at MIT, got an NSF graduate fellowship application, was chosen as one of the 5 undergraduate researchers of the year at UMD, and was chosen as outstanding senior in the Math department.
Integrating post-newtonian equations on graphics processing units, by HF. Herrmann, J. Silberholz, M. Bellone, G. Guerberoff, M. Tiglio, has been accepted as a "Fast Track Communication" in Classical and Quantum Gravity.
Congratulations to John Silberholz for being selected as a Finalist in the Computing Research Association's Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award competition for 2010.

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